Photo by: Sean McEntee Flickr

Photo by: Sean McEntee

Episode #19 of Brand Newsroom – This week James Lush, Sarah Mitchell and Nic Hayes discuss Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s “Knightmare” and his disastrous response to social media critics. They go on to advise brands on the importance of listening to your audience and the benefits of having experienced social media specialists in your organisation.

Is your top management able to take on their own critics without creating a PR disaster? Even big brands like Nissan can run into trouble as a recent example shows. Listen in for practical advice from PR, Content Marketing and Media professionals delivered in a tight, spin-free format.


What went wrong with Nissan’s Reddit ‘ask me anything’

Episode #18 of Brand Newsroom – As a backlash on storytelling begins to circulate through marketing circles, Brand Newsroom breaks down the importance of using storytelling techniques as a foundation for every piece of content you create. Jonathan Crossfield joins James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to discuss why it’s more important than ever for brands to include storytelling in their brand journalism and content marketing initiatives.

headshot of Jonathon CrossfieldWhat can brands do to increase the effectiveness of their storytelling? The Brand Newsroom team share practical examples you can implement today. Have a listen.


Wake up, marketers: storytelling is not a strategy



Episode #17 of Brand Newsroom – We delve into the murky issue of transparency and disclosure on the back of news from Toronto that a veteran TV anchor was suspended due to issues of non-disclosure. Is it risky when PR and journalism get too close?  Do brand journalists have an obligation to disclose relationships with traditional media? 

While the world reeled from the Paris attack on the Charlie Hebdo office, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell discussed the outpouring of support from the global cartoon community and the impact cartoons can make with any audience. Should brands consider how they can make effective use of illustrations and cartoons?


Global TV anchor Leslie Roberts Suspended

Lucille Clerc’s powerful message of perseverance goes viral after a fake Banksy account reposts it


Episode #16 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we examine the difference between being an expert and being an authority in your field. Is it enough to know a lot about your area of expertise or is it essential to do more? Does the digital age make it easier or harder to be an expert?

Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell debate these points inspired by an article written by Trevor Young at Authority Partners titled, Why Building Authority is Vital to the Success of Your Reputation and Business.