Does your brand have a passionate following? Blogging heavyweight Jeff Bullas considers himself a ‘publisher with a purpose’  and remains one of the biggest players in Australia’s digital marketing niche.

Jeff tells Brand Newsroom about the breakthroughs that led to obtaining 30,000 email subscribers to his blog and 300,000 Twitter followers. He speaks candidly about the motivations and challenges he faced in the early days of his blogging career and reveals the tactics that help him stay on top of his game.

This special episode of Brand Newsroom was recorded at Content Marketing World Sydney with James LushNic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell.


American SEO expert Arnie Kuenn joins Brand Newsroom to discuss SEO and why brand journalists are perfectly poised to impress Google without having to spend a lot of money or employ an SEO agency. Who can’t get behind that idea?

He discusses an important change coming to the Google algorithm, the first time Google has ever pre-announced a change.  And shares why he thinks the editorial calendar is one of the best SEO weapons around.


arnie-kuennArnie joined the Brand Newsroom team for a live recording at Content Marketing World Sydney 2015. He’s generous with his advice about how to create findable content without investing a lot of time on keyword research.

 Have you changed your approach to SEO?


Have you considered how collaboration with another brand can open your company to a larger audience? Are you still using demographics to develop your buyer personas? Is your content catering to the masses or operating within a well-defined niche?

Andrew Davis on Brand NewsroomAndrew Davis, best-selling author of Brandscaping, joins the Brand Newsroom team for a special edition recorded at Content Marketing World Sydney. He shares his ideas on the opportunities brands have to create better content while reaching a wider audience. Davis is one of the most active minds in marketing and voted the best presenter at Content Marketing World in the USA.

Where have you had success teaming up with other brands?


Are you marketing your content? Is your content marketing strategy really a content strategy? Are marketers spinning their wheels on execution without diving deep enough into their strategy?

Geraint Holliman,Geraint Director of Strategy and Head of Content Marketing at DIRECTIONGROUP in the UK, joins the Brand Newsroom team to debate the merits of creating content for the sake of it. He talks about the importance of marketing your content and investing time in the thinking required to create an effective strategy.

Listen in for a riveting discussion on where many companies veer off the path of effectiveness without even realising it.

Do you have a content strategy or a content marketing strategy?

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Do you know the different between your news and a newsworthy story? Do you know the biggest reason most brands fail to get press coverage for their news? The Brand Newsroom team discusses why some brands get a lot of press coverage and others get none at all.

What elements are required to make a good news story? What is one thing journalists look for before they’ll run a story? What’s a simple but effective change you can make in your brand communications to garner more attention from traditional media?

Join James LushNic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to get three different perspectives on how your business can get more earned media with their content marketing and PR activities.