Is launching a protest an effective strategy to gain influence in the age of digital? What do brands need to do to protect themselves from disruptive businesses? How does storytelling fit into the equation?

Join the Brand Newsroom team for a lively discussion about how a well-executed marketing campaign can disrupt business as usual. What role does community support have? When should you avoid jumping on the disruptive bandwagon?

Sarah Mitchell, Nic Hayes, and James Lush weigh in on the #ichoosethankyou marketing push and what the taxi industry should be doing to ward off Uber. What should your business be doing to avoid disruptive business practices?


Uber riders ‘up by 500pc’ after taxi protest

How small brands like Thankyou piggybacked Virgin’s social media engagement

Woolworths grocery store chain made a major error in judgment by trying to attach their brand messaging to the Anzac public holiday. Was it an honest mistake any brand could make? Was it an unforgivable offense? Who should be held responsible – the brand or the agency behind the campaign?

The Brand Newsroom team conducts a passionate discussion about what’s appropriate for brand newsrooms and what happens when they cross a line in the minds of public opinion.

Nic Hayes, James Lush and Sarah Mitchell give their professional opinions about what went wrong at Woolworths, what could have been done better and what lessons any brand can take away from this event.

It’s no secret print newspapers are struggling for life. A new collaboration between newspaper publishers in Australia is launching a campaign to attract advertisers back to print.

Will this mark a revival for newspapers? Is it a last gasp of breath for a medium who has failed to keep up with the times? Is one campaign enough to influence change?

James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell discuss current state of newspapers and how brands can contribute to the longevity of newspapers.


Newspapers unite to defend print

What’s your opinion about this campaign?

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Are you funny? Can you write content to evoke a smile or even produce a laugh? Does it make sense for a serious brand to produce funny content? Comedian Jordana Borensztajn explains how you can add humour into your content. Here’s the good news; it’s easier than you might think.

Jordana also shares insight into the creative process and gives practical tips and proven formulas to create content more attractive to a wide audience. She’s confident anyone can improve their creativity without a great deal of effort.

The Brand Newsroom hosts – James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell – sat down with Jordana at Content Marketing World Sydney and enjoyed a rollicking good time and more than a few laughs.

How have you injected humour into your content?