What can you learn from Tweet Perth? More than you could imagine. With an audience of 100,000 unique followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website, Tweet Perth is one of Perth’s fastest growing content platforms. They have reached a status many local and national brands aspire to. What lessons can your brand take from their journey?

This week on Brand Newsroom the team interview Adam Barrell, the founder of Tweet Perth. According to Adam, a key step to reaching success was focusing on the audience first above all else. After patiently growing a loyal audience for four and a half years, Tweet Perth now has the opportunity to profit from their content. Their growth thus far is just the beginning.


Tweet Perth


When brands pursue content marketing, they usually focus on publishing through the Internet and social media. Does this inhibit them from reaching their full potential? This week the Brand Newsroom team discusses how business can capitalise on traditional media to extend the reach of their content.

Find out why your content gets a stamp of authority and credibility and where many brands go wrong in their approach. With years of experience working in the space, Nic Hayes and James Lush share insider tips on changes you can make to your content in order to appeal to traditional media outlets.

It’s often said that in content marketing, brands should consider themselves as publishers. However for many brands, publishing content is a task juggled amongst several others, and it can be hard to hold yourself to publishing house standards.

This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss the importance of consistency in content marketing, and the impact it can have on the success of your strategy. The team advise that researching and listening to your audience will help businesses find the most effective plan of consistency.

The team also have some exciting news to share about a recent award nomination the podcast has received. Tune in to learn more!


Content Marketing Awards


Many brands struggle with how to distribute their content once it’s developed. Distribution is a serious concern in content marketing, as even if you have the best content in the world, if nobody sees it, it will be ineffective. This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss how brands should approach content distribution and the different options available. The team advise that following “this is how we did it” success stories may not work for your own brand, as these are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. Do you know what the best distribution tactics are for your brand?