Have you been wondering when Australian content marketing will take off like it has in the US, UK and Europe? This week ADMA and the Content Marketing Institute released research on the Australian content marketing industry, shining a spotlight on where we’re succeeding, and where we’re struggling.

According to the research, many businesses are challenged in the common areas of engagement, ROI, and consistency but these terms can be open to interpretation. What kind of engagement should brands be seeking, and what should you be measuring? The Brand Newsroom team weigh in.



How to produce more engaging content

Content Marketing in Australia 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends 


Is the line between traditional journalism and brand journalism beginning to blur? With more and more information suggesting that consumers don’t really care who’s publishing as long as the content is impartial and consistent, your audience may not understand the difference.

This week, the Brand Newsroom team are joined by Rakhal Ebeli, CEO of Newsmodo to discuss Newsmodo’s own transition from traditional journalism to brand journalism. According to Rakhal, the future of journalism centres on brands who are publish consistently, authentically, and to a high standard of quality.



Does your brand reach out to influencers on social media? Last week, Instagram star Essena O’Neill made headlines all over the world after announcing she was quitting social media. Her attempt to ‘uncover the truth’ behind social media divided public opinion, with some praising her courage and honesty, and others skeptical of self-serving motivations.

This week, the Brand Newsroom team discuss the Essena O’Neill story in regards to the social media profiles of brands. What is the impact of celebrity culture on social media, and should brands seek out influencer endorsements online?



Have you got a pet hate in the content marketing space? Is there a term, practice or trend that really bothers you? This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss their own personal grievances from the world of content marketing.

No matter whether you’re bothered by ghostwriting, social media spam or online trolls, the team assures you’re not alone. The first step to eradicating annoying behaviour is calling offenders out when they do it.

What’s your content marketing pet peeve?