With 2015 nearly over, the Brand Newsroom team dedicate the last podcast of the year to discussing how they can improve in 2016. With candid observations about where they fell short during the past year, Nic Hayes, Sarah Mitchell and James Lush identify areas of focus for the next 12 months.

What areas need attention in your content marketing? Are there special projects you want to undertake? What did you learn from your colleagues this year? What have you implemented that worked well? Tweet us up on @Brand_Newsroom. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

Happy New Year from James, Nic and Sarah.

Listen to episode 68 of Brand Newsroom:


Your Printable 2016 Online Retail Yearly Planner



With Christmas around the corner, it’s the time to reflect on the year that’s passed and the importance of giving back. Have you considered how corporate social responsibility (CSR) could become part of the culture of your organisation?

This week the Brand Newsroom and special guest Pam Kozelka, Vice President of Operations at Content Marketing Institute, share thoughts on what it means to give back and the benefits it can have for your brand and team morale.

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The Orange Effect Foundation

This week the Content Marketing Institute released their predictions for the state of content marketing in 2016, featuring the opinions of many of the industry’s brightest minds. Already some of these predictions are being realised, leading marketers to wonder how content marketing strategies should change in the new year.

In light of this list, this week the Brand Newsroom team share their own take on the 2016 predictions, including what they believe is likely and what on the list they disagree with.

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Do you express appreciation for your audience in your content marketing? Many marketing strategies focus on how to build new audiences, without considering the loyalty they could encourage within the audience they already have.

This week, the Brand Newsroom team discuss how to communicate with your audience to make them feel loved, respected and valued. According to the team, little actions like learning names and interests can go a long way in terms of creating long-term brand advocates.  

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    Does your brand send out a newsletter to customers and connections? Most business recognise building a database of email addresses to be a priority, yet don’t know the best way to go about communicating with them. 

    According to the Brand Newsroom team, your newsletter, like other strategic content needs a defined purpose and goal. Although it’s seemingly a simple endeavor, to achieve maximum impact you must constantly be researching and testing the style, structure, and timing of your newsletter to ensure it suits the needs of your audience.

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