This week, after attending the 21st birthday celebration of prominent global advertising agency M&C Saatchi in Sydney, an article was published by the Mumbrella editorial team outing the agency for what they felt was inappropriate conduct. In the article, the team reported entertainment such as women bursting out of cakes, and burlesque dancers dressed in bondage lingerie performing with bags over their heads.

In this episode the Brand Newsroom team are joined by Tim Burrowes, Content Director of Mumbrella to discuss what this means for the marketing and advertising industry. According to the team, this event is a merely symptom of a larger problem of gender in the space.


This week after 44 years of operation, staff at the Australian magazine, Cleo, were told to apply for jobs elsewhere. The instruction came after months of rumored closure for the magazine, and after extended struggle overall throughout the magazine industry 

So what do announcements like this say about audiences preferences for content? In this episode of the Brand Newsroom podcast, the team discuss how digital publishing will continue to affect traditional media unless they choose to adapt.


A common struggle of any content marketer is convincing traditionalists to see the value in a content marketing strategy. In these scenarios, old-school marketers will often ask for estimated ROI, a measurement which doesn’t always fit a content marketing plan.

This week, the Brand Newsroom team discuss how to approach discussions of content marketing ROI. According to the team, many content marketing benefits outweigh monetary sales and need to be explained accordingly.  

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In recent years, the marketing side of content marketing has taken a backseat for the content. However, the Content Marketing Institute’s content marketing predictions for 2016 indicate a shift back to less, higher quality content and a larger focus on marketing.

This week, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi, joins the Brand Newsroom team to discuss the importance of marketing and how it can benefit content when the correct strategies are implemented.

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