The Brand Newsroom team is joined by experienced broadcaster and voice-over artist Alex Lush to talk about voice overs. BNR received an email from an avid Brand Newsroom listener, Brenda, who asked how important it was to get the right voice to do your voice over. It’s a great question, so we thought we’d ask the best voice in the business. Alex is also Lush Digital’s chief of staff.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Not just anybody can do a voice over and using the right voice-over artist is critical to your audio or video content’s success. With the wrong voice you can lose your audience immediately.
  • Knowing how to do a good voice over takes practice, often some training, and certainly an ability to act.
  • Brands pick voice-over artists who are a reflection of their brand. Their voice and voice over should appeal to the target demographic.
  • If you’re hiring a professional voiceover artist, check their experience; check how much variety there is in the way they can use their voice; check how they use intonation and pronunciation.
  • If you’re going to be doing voice overs regularly, or appear on video, then it’s important to get some training.
  • Writing scripts for audio and video is different to writing an article or blog. It’s far less formal. It’s conversational.
  • Trying to do a voice over yourself can be a false economy. If you can afford it, get a professional.

On My Desk

  • Sarah’s recommendation was this wonderful review of Brand Newsroom by Peter Gearin at Brand Tales.
  • Alex recommended this great video by Chris Beatty, with a slightly strange method to find out what your voice sounds like to other people.

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