Brand Newsroom is the place where communications, marketing, media and advertising professionals come together.

Brand Newsroom is more than a communications and brand podcast. It’s a movement of ideas, opinions, and views. The podcast challenges and dissects the actions happening in the communications world.

Brand journalism and content marketing for brands is the focus but this very talented team can take on any communications topic together and identify where it might sit for small, medium and big business.

Our tagline “Anyone that has a say in the way a company communicates” is just the beginning. The truth is that the way we communicate in a modern world is everyone’s responsibility and everyone in our business has a role to play.

Come along for the ride, be a part of Brand Newsroom and together we will communicate better as brands.

Team Brand Newsroom

Who are the people behind Brand Newsroom?

Brand Newsroom podcast is the collaboration of three communication professionals from three disciplines bringing together their views on all matters to do with media and brand journalism. Produced by Lush Digital in Perth the podcast reaches every corner of the globe with their guests, subjects and audience.

The Brand Newsroom Team are made up of communications specialists that have more combined experience than any advertising, communications or digital agency in the country. Between Sarah Mitchell, Nic Hayes and James Lush there is over 70 years of communications experience sitting in the room for you.

James Lush the professional broadcaster and ABC Breakfast show presenter in Perth is the glue in this three. His ability to tell a story and identify what is happening in the world of media is second to none. One of the great assets that James brings to every meeting is that you will get the truth, real answers and a no-fuss direction when it comes to strategy. James directs the podcast in most cases through the maze of intrigue and interest.

Sarah Mitchell one of the most recognised writers and content marketing professionals in Australia who tells it how it is. Funnily enough, Sarah had never been recorded in audio form until we started Brand Newsroom podcast but has made this her own. Delivering and presenting keynotes and panel discussions on content marketing all over Australia and the world Sarah is well respected in the world of brand journalism and content marketing.

Nic Hayes has been working in media intelligence, monitoring, public relations and now expert delivery management more recently with Media Stable. Ultimately Nic understands what traditional and new media is looking from in an expert or a commentator. Nic loves nothing more than talking real media and where and how you might tell your story better. It’s a passion that he also lives by as he commentates on media all over the country.

Come and join our community. We are as free with our ideas, views and thoughts and celebrate all opportunities to talk communications.