Have you ever gone off the grid with a break from technology? Many brands get so into the habit of posting online, they forget to consider the purpose behind their activity.

This week Sarah Mitchell returns from her trip away to discuss the benefits of disconnecting with the Brand Newsroom Team. James, Nic and Sarah agree taking a break from the digital world can bring originality back to your online presence. Who are you sharing for, and what do they gain when you post online?

In any digital project there are considerations to be made when selecting a team. Should your team be project managed in-house, or should you outsource to an agency? Should you choose a local designer, or opt for a designer in another country for a lower fee?

This week the Brand Newsroom team clear the air. In response to a question sent to them from a listener, the team offer their own advice and experiences when it comes to selecting a project team. According to James, Sarah and Nic, there are certain things to look out for to get the biggest bang for your buck.


Now that Content Marketing World USA has packed up for another year, what can we take away from the event? This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss highlights and standouts from Content Marketing World 2015, in light of Sarah Mitchell’s return from presenting at the event.

How should Australian marketers feel now that Content Marketing World will no longer be returning to Sydney? The team weigh in on the difference between Australia and the USA in this space, and what we can expect for the future.


The age of digital technology has enabled brands to reach new heights when it comes to building audiences. But with new opportunities comes new challenges, and when you have a global audience, how do you create content to target individual customer needs?

This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss how to create localised content that appeals to a global audience. Too often, marketers adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to their marketing which is almost always ineffective. There are several easy fixes you can implement to acknowledge the individuality of your customers.


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Content marketing is rapidly growing in popularity among businesses, yet there are still people out there who say they don’t ‘get’ content marketing. According to industry experts, those who report poor results from content marketing initiatives seem to fail in several common areas.

Joe PulizziThis week the Brand Newsroom team are joined by content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. Joe has spent 15 years working in the world of content marketing so when it comes to businesses struggling with content he’s really seen it all. In this episode, he speaks about the areas he frequently sees businesses fall down in when it comes to content marketing.

Despite the common areas of error, Joe also has several success stories to share, not just from those businesses that had millions of dollars backing them, but also from those who started from nothing and amounted to huge success through content marketing.


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