Episode #14 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we ask ‘how social is your business?’ Yes, you may well be using it for marketing purposes, but to what extent are you using it across the board?

For example, internal communication or recruiting? James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell are joined by guest Simon te Brinke, author of “the Little book of social business” to discuss the growing opportunities that businesses are faced with.

In this episode we discuss how traditional media still has the edge when it comes to trust. But the space is changing rapidly with more people turning to social media for their news updates. Is this a trend we’ll see more of? And how can Brands seize these opportunities. Plus why aren’t journalists responding to your story pitches? We’ll discuss the main reasons why you are missing out and how easy it is to get it right!

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Episode #12 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we are joined by Guest journalist Daniel Hatch to discuss the very latest in brand journalism. With the big cuts announced at the ABC this week, what future is there for traditional media? Is it inevitable that we’ll see more cuts in the future and with that a shift towards more brand newsrooms? What does that mean for journalists, brands and audiences alike? It’s a fascinating new world!


Episode #11 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we look at the Australian statistics of content marketing in comparison to the rest of the world. We also talk about what a content marketing strategy looks like and and whether companies actually follow their own content strategy document. All that plus tips of the week.

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