How much of our brand values should we be publicly sharing? While it’s commonly agreed that honesty creates the most effective content, should marketers be wary of crossing a line between authenticity and over-sharing?

A recent press release from Hubspot was in the spotlight for it’s unusually honest approach. The Brand Newsroom team discuss whether or not this was a PR failure or a move to stay ahead of the gossip How much should brands expose when it comes to their unflattering personal stories?


Hubspot Appoints Kipp Bodnar as Chief Marketing Officer


Photo by: Sean McEntee Flickr

Photo by: Sean McEntee

Episode #19 of Brand Newsroom – This week James Lush, Sarah Mitchell and Nic Hayes discuss Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s “Knightmare” and his disastrous response to social media critics. They go on to advise brands on the importance of listening to your audience and the benefits of having experienced social media specialists in your organisation.

Is your top management able to take on their own critics without creating a PR disaster? Even big brands like Nissan can run into trouble as a recent example shows. Listen in for practical advice from PR, Content Marketing and Media professionals delivered in a tight, spin-free format.


What went wrong with Nissan’s Reddit ‘ask me anything’