Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell meet with Chris Frame, the general manager of marketing and brand at Bethanie Group to discuss marketing success for those on a small budget.

Bethanie Group is West Australia’s largest not-for-profit aged care and retirement village provider. They have been recognised both within Australia and beyond for their excellence in marketing, and customer service. Under Chris’ watch, Bethanie have won the Australian Marketing Institutes’ Award for Marketing Excellence in 2014, and their Marketing on a Shoestring 2015, as well as Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketer of the Year in 2013. Chris Frame has also been awarded The CEO Magazine’s 2014 Executive of the Year.

The BNR team talks with Chris about the challenges of working on a small budget, and the tools available to every marketing team, despite the size of their allowance. Chris shares how brand consistency and story plays such a large part of their marketing strategy.

“People are more interested in hearing about stories than they are about being pushed things…and if you can take a step back and take a look within your own organisation, there are so many great stories to be shared,” Chris says.

We also hear from Chris about the success of the Bethanie Medallion Aged Care Awards, and how he and his team built it into what it is today.

As we tip into a new season for marketing, stepping away from rapid fire marketing, and closer to long form storytelling, we see the importance that good story has on connecting with your audience 

Storytelling is something that happens over time… If you want people to connect with your brand, they want to go on a long term – and I hate this word, but – journey with you, and they want to keep coming back” –Sarah Mitchell

Carla Johnson, founder of Type A Communications, uses the example of one of the best known book series of all time; Lord of the Rings. She says older marketing styles would look like “Frodo is a hobbit who saves middle-earth” written over and over, whereas todays marketing needs to look more like the Lord of the Rings we know and love today; a long journey, where the reader truly gets to know the characters, the lay of the land, and the threats that face that community.

To take your audience through a story is not easy, and requires grit. You need to keep consistently producing engaging content that slowly builds deep emotional connection, leading them on a journey where the final chapter is a profitable action.

On this episode of The Brand Newsroom, Nick Hayes and Sarah Mitchell are joined by Carla Johnson to understand her new book, ‘Experince: The 7th Era of Marketing,’ and the current direction of the industry.

They discuss the power emotional connection has over a purchase decision, the part that story plays in that context, and why story requires grit.

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